Beds for 20,000

We can accommodate more than 20,000 guests. Families, schools and groups are welcome.

600,000 Tourists

We register 600,000 tourists a season, or 6% of the GDP of the province of Massa Carrara.

Over 30 Facilities

The associated facilities are continually increasing, as are the tourist services we offer.

Square Km

Our area is one of Europe's largest areas for outdoor tourism.



In the summer of 1948, the Partaccia pinewoods, unscathed by the events of the war, represented a place of great environmental and ecological charm thanks to their beaches, which constituted the first sandy stretches accessible to those coming from the Bracco or Cisa passes. It soon became clear that it was possible to charge visitors, almost entirely foreigners, a small fee for a parking space, which was usually considered acceptable: as such the first campsites were established.


Thanks to the economic boom of the 1960s, Partaccia was the destination of many tourists (more than one and a half million every year), who stayed in tents, caravans or campervans. The total number of tourists increased again and the campsite areas were remarkably successful until the mid-1970s.


At that time, the campsites were located in a very different way from the present one, since many of them were located on the sea. In 1978 they were expropriated and moved to the mountain side, redesigning the local territory as we know it today.


Despite the recent economic situation, outdoor tourism still accounts for about 600,000 tourists a season and represents 6% of the gross domestic product of the province of Massa Carrara.